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AMLO’s influence looms over kickoff of Mexico campaign to replace him

Hastings Tribune 02 Mar 2024
That has infused some energy into the race ... Still, Sheinbaum has staked out her own positions in key areas like Mexico’s energy sector, said Matias Gomez Leautaud, Mexico analyst for Eurasia Group. A scientist with a Ph.D.

12 Best NMN Supplements for Cellular Health and Anti-Aging Longevity Support

Daily Camera 02 Mar 2024
Patented ingredients (nicotinamide riboside) that are formulated by Nobel winners and scientists Clinically proven to boost NAD levels to support healthy aging, improve energy production, enhance ...

Scientists describe anti-soiling performance mechanisms in solar glass

PV Magazine 01 Mar 2024
A group of scientists have investigated the correlation between laboratory and outdoor soiling experiments for glass panels with anti-soiling coatings (ASCs) ... The scientists also analyzed the Al-Khafji and Solar Village cases for seasonal footprint.

Chinese scientists propose new solutions for fast-charging lithium-ion batteries

Xinhua 01 Mar 2024
According to him, this new achievement will further promote the development of green and low-carbon energy ... Chinese scientists propose new solutions for fast-charging lithium-ion batteries.
photo: Creative Commons / Christine Zenino
File - The Greenland ice sheet (Danish: Grønlands indlandsis, Greenlandic: Sermersuaq) is a vast body of ice covering 1,710,000 square kilometres (660,000 sq mi), roughly 79% of the surface of Greenland.

A new company is shipping Arctic ice from Greenland to chill posh drinks in Dubai

CNN 01 Mar 2024

Planning for a smooth landing on Mars

Phys Dot Org 01 Mar 2024
Since 2019, a team of NASA scientists and their partners have been using NASA's FUN3D software on supercomputers located at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, or OLCF, ...

A new company is shipping Arctic ice from Greenland to chill drinks in high-end Dubai bars

Lebanon Express 01 Mar 2024
“A great deal of energy will be required to transport (ice) to Dubai in refrigerated ships,” said Jennifer Francis, a senior scientist at Woodwell Climate Research Center.

This Is Stupid Beyond Belief

Hot Air 01 Mar 2024
Not every environmentalist is stupid, and many are trying to accomplish desirable goals.  ... Like most recycling, the process is energy intensive ... Scientists point out that this expenditure of energy nearly eliminates the environmental benefits ... .

3 misunderstandings about money that could cost you a lot in the long run

RTE 01 Mar 2024
Analysis ... This article is now available above as a Brainstorm podcast ... Money ... When behavioural scientists ask people to quickly tot up a grocery bill or energy bills for the year, people think they are about 5 to 10% less than they really are ... Dr ... .

Scientists get closer to solving chemical puzzle of the origin of life

Canoe 29 Feb 2024
Scientists get closer to solving chemical puzzle of the origin of life Back to video ... The compound is such an odd duckling that scientists previously proposed it was too intricate to make from basic molecules.

Tech companies aim to harness nuclear fusion in ways that have never been done before

NBC Bay Area 29 Feb 2024
... businesses, cars, and even airplanes is now widely viewed by scientists and engineers as a very real prospect that would undoubtedly and dramatically reshape energy consumption around the world.

Deployment of nuclear power can enable timely net-zero: Nuclear scientist Kakodkar

Deccan Herald 29 Feb 2024
... Munot and Prof Jyeshtharaj Joshi.</p>.<p>The book highlights and recognises the limitations of renewable energy sources in meeting India .

Longi develops flexible heterojunction solar cell with 26.06% efficiency

PV Magazine 29 Feb 2024
The cell achieved a certified power conversion efficiency of 26.06% with a thickness of 57 μm, with Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research confirming the result ... Energy Research in Hamelin.

A Postcard from Ribka’s Bedroom: Where does love go when it’s over?

Stanford Daily 29 Feb 2024
Grief, Gardens and Graveyards ... In science class, I once learned that energy can’t be created or destroyed. If I put all of my energy into a relationship, and the relationship expires, what happens to all the love and effort?&nbsp; ... I’m no scientist ... .

Conduction-cooled accelerating cavity proves feasible for commercial applications

Phys Dot Org 29 Feb 2024
These systems are expensive to install and operate," said Drew Packard, a scientist with the Magnetic Fusion Energy (MFE) division of General Atomics, who is collaborating on the project.