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Separator made from seaweed gives next-gen battery a performance boost

New Atlas 06 Oct 2022
Batteries that make use of sodium as an electrode material are showing exciting promise by some key measures when it comes to next-generation energy storage solutions, and new research has now edged them closer to mainstream use. Scientists in the UK have developed a novel ...

'Shares its name with a major extinction event': Permian Basin pipelines are spewing methane

Alternet 06 Oct 2022
The methane emissions leaking from Permian Basin pipelines have a climate impact equal to 3.7 million passenger vehicles and represent enough natural gas to meet the energy needs of 2.1 million homes, noted the scientists, who said the research should push policymakers to strictly regulate gathering pipelines.

Three share chemistry Nobel in 'linking molecules together'

The Buffalo News 06 Oct 2022
The 2022 Nobel Prize in chemistry has been awarded to three scientists whose work harnessed the power of molecular interaction and introduced new, unobtrusive ways of studying the natural world ... These reactions create new molecules, break down old ones, allow energy swaps – they shape the variegated dynamics of the universe.

Leadership roles as scientists are the new frontier for Indian Americans

The Times of India 05 Oct 2022
But the path is not always easy for Indian scientists and researchers in the US as Dr Kaushik Rajashekara, an Indian origin professor of engineering at the University of Houston, who has won the prestigious Global Energy Prize for outstanding contributions to transportation ...

Balik-scientist program props up MMSU nipa tech

The Manila Times 05 Oct 2022
12 to help fast-track the university's renewable energy initiatives ... He said Abenes will stay at the university for three months as balik-scientist, sponsored by the DoST through the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development.

Scientists use machine learning to accelerate materials discovery

Phys Dot Org 05 Oct 2022
Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have recently demonstrated an automated process for identifying and exploring promising new materials by combining machine learning (ML)—a type of artificial intelligence—and high performance computing.

Are there hidden benefits to hurricanes?

Columbia Daily Tribune 05 Oct 2022
The equator always receives more energy from the sun than the poles ... Hurricanes take a lot of heat energy from the equator and move it much farther north. Scientists are able to track the ocean temperature before and after a hurricane, and the water behind the hurricane is always much cooler as the hurricane took much of that heat energy with it.

Environmentally friendly technology allows for efficient separation of REEs, transition metals from waste

Mining Dot Com 05 Oct 2022
These lower energy and pressure needs also save money ... In the scientists’ view, reducing the energy intensity and waste profile of critical material recovery is expected to not only have environmental benefits but also inspire developed countries to carry out these processes locally instead of offshore.

Late-night eating habits tied to slower calorie burn, increased appetite

New Atlas 05 Oct 2022
The study compared late-night eating to a regular eating schedule and found some marked differences in terms of obesity risk, revealing effects on appetite, formation of fat tissue and energy expenditure throughout the day. Led by scientists at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, ...

Fossil fuels: Is the world on track for moving past coal, oil and gas production?

Resilience 05 Oct 2022
Prof Alexandre Szklo, an energy researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro discussed his exploration of stranded oil refinery assets around the world, while Prof Steve Pye, and energy systems scientist at University College London, discussed his team’s work on oil-and-gas facilities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A pair of galaxies shine in new image from the Webb and Hubble telescopes

Rapid City Journal 05 Oct 2022
However, scientists are still trying to pin down the properties of this dark energy that makes up most of the universe ... Somewhat similar to dark energy, dark matter also covers a large chunk of the universe and remains quite mysterious to scientists ... However, scientists are still ...

For offshore wind aspirations to become reality, transmission hurdles must be cleared

Victoria Advocate 05 Oct 2022
(Courtesy Dominion Energy) ... (Image courtesy of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) ... With relatively small, stand-alone wind projects, it’s often feasible for developers to find their own solutions to interconnection, said Mike Jacobs, a senior analyst with the Union of Concerned Scientists who focuses on renewable energy and the electric grid.

Q&A: Environmentalist Bill McKibben on New Hampshire and the climate crisis

Victoria Advocate 05 Oct 2022
What that really means is the need to transform our energy systems ... over the next five or six years, the job that scientists have basically assigned us is to very quickly replace our current energy system. In New Hampshire the sort of symbol of the old energy system is the plant in Bow, burning coal like it’s the 18th century.

15 spectacular photos from the Dark Energy Camera

Phys Dot Org 04 Oct 2022
From high atop a mountain in the Chilean Andes, the Dark Energy Camera has snapped more than one million exposures of the southern sky ... The Dark Energy Survey, whose scientists are now analyzing the data collected from 2013-2019, isn't the only experiment to benefit from the powerful piece of equipment.

Photos: Space discoveries that will blow your mind

North Shore News 04 Oct 2022
Scientists can explore the 95% of invisible space comprised of dark energy, dark matter and dark radiation. . The size of the universe is hard to fathom, and it's expanding even faster than scientists originally thought ... Scientists have their eyes set on these common planet types as a possibility for life.

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