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Let’s harness tides for Scotland, the UK and the world

The Times/The Sunday Times 07 Dec 2021
Finding a cost-effective way to convert the tidal energy created by our surging seas into electricity has proved difficult. But scientists and engineers ...

Fast charging for lithium-ion batteries needs a fix

PV Magazine 06 Dec 2021
Scientists in the ... Getting more out of lithium-ion and other energy storage technologies is the focus for scientists the world over. Batteries are already making a valuable contribution to the energy transition, but there are still plenty of challenges and improvements to be made.

Sen. John Yudichak: America’s energy future depends on Pa.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 06 Dec 2021
The Keystone State’s natural gas powers our energy economy and produces thousands of family-sustaining jobs, ranging from the scientist in the laboratory to the union laborer on the pipeline ... Many leaders are committed to opposing the radical energy agenda embraced in policies like the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the Green New Deal.

Cost optimal solutions for residential solar-powered heat pumps in cold climates, isolated areas

PV Magazine 06 Dec 2021
“The majority of studies in North America compare heat pumps to natural gas, which is logical given dominance as a heating fuel,” the scientists explained ... “Economic sensitivities are analyzed on capital costs, electricity and propane prices, and discount rates,” the scientists emphasized.

Researchers fashion out ways of enhancing sustainable wood fuel production value-chain

Joy Online 06 Dec 2021
About five hundred scientists and researchers are meeting at the KNUST to fashion out ways of enhancing the sustainable production of charcoal across Africa ... Research shows wood fuel constitutes over 70 percent of the energy needs for cooking and heating in sub-Saharan Africa.

Antimony selenide solar cell with 8.5% efficiency

PV Magazine 06 Dec 2021
scientists have fabricated a cell via a two-step closed space sublimation process and by applying a seed layer to a soda-lime glass substrate coated with molybdenum via rapid thermal evaporation ... “The air annealing effectively reduces the densities of the defects and lowers their activation energies,” the scientists said.

Tackling Climate Change One Company at a Time

Barrons 06 Dec 2021
Often, that venture firm is Breakthrough Energy Ventures ... Besides the unusual number of prosperous backers, BEV is different from other venture capital enterprises because of its approach to selecting companies capable of big energy “breakthroughs,” an investment team full of scientists—at least a dozen of whom have doctorates—its integration of.

Study finds a reason why we can't charge electric vehicle batteries in few minutes

Zeenews 06 Dec 2021
In new research from the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory, scientists have found interesting chemical behaviour of one of the battery's two terminals as the battery is charged and discharged ... .

TMLP customers stand to gain as House and Senate agree on $4B federal relief spending plan

Taunton Daily Gazette 06 Dec 2021
The federal cash will fund a one-off energy efficiency program to help ratepayers insulate their homes and take other similar measures ... The bill also green-lights TMLP to create an energy efficiency trust fund as a longer-term way to support those goals ... Another beneficiary of the deal is Boston University climate scientist Michael Walsh.

Migratory birds have evolved to have lighter-coloured feathers to help them keep cool during their ...

The Daily Mail 06 Dec 2021
Birds fly in a v-formation to help them fly more efficiently, staying aloft while expending as little energy as possible. Scientists learned the ... Birds fly in a v-formation to help them fly more efficiently, staying aloft while expending as little energy as possible (stock image).

EDITORIAL: Reality vs rhetoric about green energy

Toronto Sun 05 Dec 2021
That’s because right now, fossil fuel energy use is skyrocketing globally as nations struggle to power themselves out of the economic impacts of the pandemic ... Writing in Scientific American last month, scientists with the Global Carbon Project tracking real-world energy use explained what’s actually happening.

Guest Opinion: Betsy Weatherhead: The science everyone needs to know about climate change

Daily Camera 05 Dec 2021
I’m an atmospheric scientist who has worked on global climate science and assessments for most of my career ... That same century, scientists identified carbon dioxide’s potential to , which at the time was considered a possible benefit to the planet ... Climate scientists work hard to ...

Notable celebrities featured in Profile by Sanford ad campaign

Bemidji Pioneer 05 Dec 2021
Domain / Wikimedia Commons ... “We’re all working parents who need a lot of energy and need a plan that’s sustainable. So, having a program developed by physicians and scientists at Sanford Health that is tailored to each of us makes us excited for the opportunity to learn new healthy habits." ... .

Technology development hub opened in CSIR-IMMT

The Times of India 05 Dec 2021
HRTEM is one of the most powerful tools to carry out technology-driven materials development research and multidisciplinary research in the areas of material and mineral science, nanoscience, nanotechnology, biological sciences and energy material.

BP’s CEO Is Trying to Convince the World He’s Serious About Going Green

Time Magazine 05 Dec 2021
We must give society what it wants and needs, and that is clean, reliable, affordable energy, and to do that, we have to change ... I actually believe that with the thousands of engineers and the thousands of scientists and one of the world’s largest trading organizations and decades of experience in the energy markets, we actually can help.

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